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Supported Living Services From Time 4 U Limited

Time 4 U Limited is a CQC registered independent sector provider working to the standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission 2008 and providing publicly funded services to the NHS and Local Authorities. We offer supported living services and rehabilitation on the short, medium and long-term using various evidence-based  therapeutic interventions based on the positive behaviour support approach to care. We believe that investing in our staff is key to providing high quality care and so we provide staff training and supervision as a fundamental part of personal and professional development. All staff are employed in line with equal opportunities guidelines and are subject to rigorous recruitment checks.  To ensure consistency in our delivery of care, all of our supported living services are designed to incorporate our 6 core beliefs, also known as our ‘ENABLE’ mantra.


Supported Living and Positive Behaviour Support


All of our working practices are delivered in line with the person-centered positive behaviour support (PBS) approach to care,  particularly effective with those individuals expressing signs of challenging behaviour. Positive behaviour support is an evidence based practice that allows our team to go beyond regulatory requirements, delivering high-quality care and any associated supported living specifically tailored to the individual. Promoting dignity, human rights and respect, PBS is a long term approach to healthcare that recognises the importance and respective roles of everybody involved in the provision of care and/or effective supported living services to an individual. Using a technique known as ‘applied behaviour analysis’ to generate an in-depth understanding of the individual, positive behaviour support delivers a very effective type of person-centred support. 


Our Supported Living Services


Our friendly and professional team have substantial experience working with clients expressing a diverse range of needs, from mild learning disabilities to Rehabilitation for people with complex mental health needs. In line with a positive behaviour approach to care, our supported living services are largely recovery-based, with a strong focus on promoting independence, the re-learning of any skills that may have lost and improving self-confidence. We design unique independent living plans for every service user,  allowing us to carefully monitor progress and implement change as needed. We also work with a number of external bodies such as Local Authorities and GPs to help service users to find new activities within the community. Our mission statement further outlines the way in which our staff are dedicated to not only providing the highest quality care, but also helping every one of our services users feel like valued members of their communities. 


Our Supported Living Areas 


In line with the person-centred fundamentals of positive behaviour support, we provide supported living for mental health as well as supported living for learning disabilities and complex care. Our supported living services cover a wide range of needs, from domiciliary care to intensive rehabilitation at different levels and so too does our supported accommodation.  At Time 4 U Limited we have a number of different properties across prime locations in London, Berkshire and Kent, each with a number of key amenities and transport links close by. We aim to instill a sense of belonging across all of our supported accommodation options, with a friendly sense of family is encouraged to help promote a better quality of life. With social inclusion featuring highly on our agenda, our supported living areas aim to include as many of those in need as possible. 


Our services
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Located in Kent , East Sussex, East & South London, Luton, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Northampton


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