Our Mantra

E - Elevate
N - Nurture
A - Aspire
B - Bespoke
L - Listen
E - Enrich


Stays at TIME4U units are time limited. We aim to be making positive changes and moving the young person forward within the timescales set to achieve their move on satisfactorily. TIME4U works closely with education and health services and have developed partnerships with other agencies including Local Authority Early Help Services and Youth Offending services.

TIME4U staff are aware that the young people they work with come from a diversity of backgrounds and have had a wide range of personal experiences. Our staff acknowledges these differences and strives to provide an environment which values an individual’s identity and strengths, offering a sensitive and responsive service to each young person.

We aim to work intensively with young people to enable them to move on to independent accommodation.

The approach to support young people at TIME4U is based on an understanding of adolescence and involves listening to them and understanding their needs. We actively encourage young people to take part in the decision making process relating to their future and in respect to their independent living skills programme. In this way young people can feel that they have a say in determining their route to progression, and experience the benefits from the decisions they make.

We work closely with young people placed in our units and make every effort to provide an environment that is welcoming, nurturing and preparatory for adult independent living.

We believe that it is important that young people, who have been socially excluded and/or suffered abuse in the past, can experience positive relationships with adults. Our staff will act as positive role models, providing support and guidance as well as a structured environment. We acknowledge the need to move forward and develop our service and to respond to initiatives by reviewing and monitoring our own performance.

We recognise the need for a clear and consistent structure and that some young people will find it difficult to adhere to boundaries and may behave in a challenging way. We approach any difficulties both on an individual basis and by means of house meetings, with the support of other related professionals as and when required.

Research has shown that one of the most distressing aspects of living within a shared residential environment can be the actions and behaviour of other young people. TIME4U staff are committed to building an experience of shared living that is better, safe and rewarding by actively working to create a culture that is free from any forms of bullying.

Our staff are fully aware that poor literacy and educational underachievement of vulnerable young people continues to have a negative impact on their life chances. We place great importance on the provision of a structured programme within the units and actively encourage each young person to work towards fulfilling their potential during their stay with us.

We ensure that all young people receive appropriate healthcare and that they are encouraged and helped, in an age appropriate way, to take responsibility for their own health and well being.

We recognise the importance to young people of working collaboratively with different agencies including the YOS, CAMHS and other related professionals.

We utilise in-house training, in conjunction with consultations from relevant professionals, to extend our knowledge and understanding of adolescent development and working with young people in a building on lessons learnt to continue to improve the services we provide.

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