Positive Behaviour Support

Here at Time4U we are passionate about improving people’s lives. We believe that Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. 

PBS underpins the delivery of all our supported living services. In our experience the uniquely humanistic qualities of the PBS approach promote dignity and respect. We see every day how this method helps clients lead the happy, healthy and fulfilling lives that they want.



PBS is person-centred framework used to support people who are at risk of displaying behaviour that is challenging

Inclusion and participation of the individual as well as their family and friends are key elements of PBS 

PBS is evidence based and its efficacy is backed up by numerous studies as well as our own experience here at Time4u

We use PBS to help people lead the lives that they want

PBS a core component of the Department of Health’s policy document ‘Positive and Proactive Care 2014’.

At its heart, PBS aims to understand the way in which challenging behaviours are adopted by an individual. PBS uses a technique known as ‘applied behaviour analysis’ to generate an in-depth understanding of the individual. With this understanding, a person’s individual needs can be met more fully and an effective person-centred support package can be planned and delivered.

PBS is also a collaborative approach, and brings together the individual, their family and carers as well as any other support staff to collate and analyse information that can be used to identify why a particular set of challenging behaviour traits are displayed. 

For example, there might be some underlying mental or physical health needs that are not being met, or perhaps certain things are triggering a person’s responses, such as the behaviour of another person or a noisy environment. Using the person-centred PBS approach, a fully comprehensive PBS plan can be drawn up to ensure every individual receives the best possible support that has been tailored for their specific needs.

The PBS plan will help to identify anything that could be causing upset and suggest specific responses or techniques to help ease any discomfort for the individual, thereby encouraging more positive behaviour. Specific therapies may be recommended, such as Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy. The plan will also include support for others such as family members or carers on how best to cope, proactively and reactively, with any unexpected bouts of challenging behaviour. A well-structured positive behaviour plan will also advise on the best ways for the individual to achieve a better quality of life, helping them to feel good and have an improved sense of wellbeing. 

Adopting PBS as a long-term solution to challenging behaviour can help ensure the most effective outcomes for individuals. Skills learnt can then be continued and the benefits felt for a sustained period.



A significant part of the PBS method involves the understanding of challenging behaviour.  Whether it’s received positively or negatively, all human behaviour happens for one reason or another, but sometimes behaviour can be challenging. It can make life more difficult for the individual displaying the behaviour and for those around them. Challenging behaviours in themselves can be presented in many ways such as aggression, self-harm or even harming others and can have an impact on a person’s day to day life. 

Challenging behaviour may be upsetting or disruptive to others, but, on investigation, it is often found to be the mechanism by which an individual feels that they can have their needs met. If a person cannot communicate what their needs are in a way which is understood, then sometimes challenging behaviour can be the result. 



In many cases, approaches to dealing with challenging behaviour often focuses on short term ‘fixes’ which can fail to explore the reasons behind the behaviour.  The behaviour usually appears again once the short-term ‘fix’ has worn off. Here at Time4u we proudly adopt PBS as our primary method of support for those in need. Regarded as a highly ethical form of support, PBS is becoming increasingly popular due to the growing evidence that supports its efficacy. This evidence-based approach to support has been seen to work for a wide range of individuals with a wide range of personal needs, ensuring that encouragement and understanding replaces punishment for challenging behaviour. However, despite its proven benefits, PBS is still not accessible to everyone who could benefit from it, and this is something our team at Time4U would like to change.



All individuals in our care receive person-centred support based on PBS principles to help maintain the highest quality of life.

Here at Time4U our team of highly qualified and experienced care staff are also skilled PBS practitioners. Our PBS expertise is an essential part of to how we ensure all our supported living services are delivered to the highest possible quality. 
All staff members undergo rigorous recruitment checks and are employed in line with equal opportunities guidelines to ensure our support is consistent and remains in line with the fundamentals of the PBS framework. 

Our friendly and professional team have worked across a wide spectrum of service user needs, including supportive living for mental health, learning disabilities and complex care.

If you would like any more information on our PBS services or would like to speak with a member of the team, please contact us today.



For more detailed information about PBS and challenging behaviour, click on this link to the Challenging Behaviour Website here.
For more information about the PBS competency framework developed by the PBS Academy, click on the link here


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