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Time 4 U LTD Housing & Support


Time 4 U Ltd Housing & Support, is committed to an evidence based practice and strives to go beyond regulatory requirements to deliver unique, high-quality care to the Service Users across our services in an innovative manner. We are a CQC registered independent sector provider providing publicly funded services to the NHS and Local Authorities.

We promise to care and support our service users to live fulfilled lives and assist them to unlock their potential. We have substantial experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds; our service model is based on strong ethical beliefs of quality, service and value through a great provision of services.

We offer support services, short, medium and long-term rehabilitation, using various therapeutic interventions based on the Recovery Model. We work to the standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission 2008. All staff members undergo rigorous recruitment checks and are employed in line with equal opportunities guidelines. We provide staff training and supervision as a fundamental part of their personal and professional development.


Key support areas:     

  • Supported Housing Placements

  • Vulnerable adults with mental health needs

  • Recovery from substance and alcohol misuse

  • Hospital discharges from psychiatric units

  • Vulnerable adults with learning disabilities

  • People with complex needs and challenging behaviours

  • Intensive rehabilitation high medium and low needs

  • Domiciliary care services

  • Personalisation


Supported Living Services


Time 4 U LTD aims to provide high standards of care to all our service users. We have experience working with service users from a broad spectrum, for example:

  • Enduring Mental Health issues

  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Short to medium term Respite and support needs

  • Rehabilitation for people with complex mental health needs.

  • Mild Learning Disabilities

  • Step Down Services and Extra Care

  • Forensic clients

Our focus is on ensuring that service users reach their set outcomes by working in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and CQC guideline. Our approach is based on the Recovery Model and we use the Recovery Star to assist service users to measure their progress.

We believe in working to bring people closer to their communities and engaging them in ways that allow them to become valuable members of their communities, in order to achieve this we engage and liaise with:

  • Local events and training programs

  • Local community activities

  • Local GPs

  • Advocacy service

  • Local Authority

  • Improving the experiences and quality of life of our clients

  • Recovery Colleges

We have a highly skilled team with robust experience in working with service users, carers and families. Our service provision is based on a recovery-based approach focusing on promoting independence, re-learning skills they may have lost and improving self-confidence. The service provides a High, Medium and Low support needs, from round the clock support down to a few hours of support a day. We track down a record of our service user’s progress and independent living plan and make changes from daily to monthly and quarterly service plans as progress is made by the service user. We support people living in our homes by encouraging them to find activities, fun, within their strengths and weaknesses so that they could take control over their lives on a day to day basis towards independent living with improvements in their mental health. We help our service users to set their short term and long-term life goals and support them towards the achievement of these realistic goals.

Respite Services


Respite Services include respite for caregivers, crisis intervention, and other support required to individuals and families in need. Our staff team is trained to support people who need respite services. Staff provides care, supervision, medication support, wellbeing information, meals support, and support based on service users’ needs.


Domiciliary Care


Domiciliary Care provides support to individuals of all ages and enables them to continue to enjoy the benefits of living independently in their own homes and local communities, whilst pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding life. We support people to maintain their independence and confidence. Our Domiciliary Care Services are based on the premise that ‘There’s no place like home’ hence the support for those who wish to remain at home and retain their independence for as long as is possible. We provide dependable, high quality care and support for individuals with flexible packages that are carefully tailored to meet their specific needs. The following are some of the support services offered:

  • Personal care

  • Social care

  • Medication

  • Shopping

  • Domestic/ Housekeeping activities

  • Provision of meals

  • Medical and social care appointments

  • We provide and organize transport for our clients

  • Multi-agency links and joint care provisions

  • We assist clients with managing their challenges by getting them started    

Cleaning Services


Time 4 U LTD provides additional services such as customizable cleaning packages tailored to the needs of our clients. Our qualified team is experienced in hospital, care home, and residential cleaning.

A clean and tidy environment improves the wellbeing and encourages progress of recovery, especially for those living independently at home. We have a team of experienced cleaners that are ready to deliver a quality service fitting to your needs.

We are licenced to dispose of hazardous waste and we have a team of experienced cleaners that are ready to deliver a quality service.

Visit our website for more information on our cleaning packages (



Time 4 U LTD has supported housing within prime locations close to amenities and transport links. We have good experience in providing support and great focus in the three key areas of enablement namely, social skills, daily living skills and education &/ employment. Each home is furnished with high-quality furniture, Sky TV, wireless internet connection and where available landscaped gardens and sporting facilities. We provide suited accommodation packages for service users and maintain good quality of living standards for our service users. We also encourage our service users to develop a sense of belonging during their time of placement with us and we always advocate and resonate a family and friendly living atmosphere for everyone sharing the place. We provide safe accommodation, which complies with fire safety, health and safety, and other relational security regulations.


Referral Process



Referrals can be made by statutory, voluntary and private sectors. Once a referral has been received, out referral team will carry out an initial assessment, which will be used to determine the correct level of support for the prospective placement.

This comprehensive assessment includes a home visit to the service user’s current place of residence. The assessment will allow us to decide if the applicant needs can be met by Time 4 U Ltd in conjunction with their families, care managers and other healthcare professionals. We take referrals for Service Users who are 18 years and above.



Additional consideration is taken when assessing service users with moderate learning disability.  This is due to the mix of service users within the home and the level of capacity the new referral requires to be adequately engaged in the model of care.  Before accepting service users with this presentation we would request additional supporting information and detailed psychological reports in order to support the assessment process. 

We are unable to accept service users into the service with severe or profound learning disability. 

Careful consideration is also taken when assessing service users with significant forensic backgrounds.  Although not an immediate exclusion criteria, the type of offence and context surrounding past offences is considered alongside the needs and vulnerabilities of the other service users placed in the proposed home.  Similarly we would be unable to accept service users who present with persistent high risks to others, for example significant violence, sexual or physical aggression or fire setting. 



E - Elevate

N- Nurture

A- Aspire

B- Bespoke

L- Listen


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