Supported Living For Mental Health

For many people living with some form of mental health illness, everyday life can become a challenge and sometimes a little additional help and support is needed. This is where supported living for mental health services can provide an incredibly effective form of assistance, with varying degrees of help available many individuals find it can be very beneficial to their wellbeing. When it comes to supported living for mental health there are a number of options available, from bringing additional support into your home to shared housing with therapists and support workers. The level of support really does depend on the individual, which is why here at Time 4 U Ltd, we are committed to delivering positive behaviour support (PBS) across all of our services. 

Types Of Supported Living For Mental Health 

Assistance and support in your own home, or ‘floating support’ can be beneficial for some people struggling with their mental health who need just a little extra support in their day to day life. This form of assisted living or supported living for mental health can help with a whole range of things such as: budgeting, managing any benefits, accessing services such as education, training or local activities as well as learning essential life skills. It could be that the services required are a little more specific such as assistance with medication in which case, a domiciliary care service would most likely be required. 
For others, supported living for mental health might be needed in the way of staying in some form of supportive housing. This could include sheltered housing which will allow the service user the independence of living alone whilst also have additional support services available if needed, as well as the community of people living within the surroundings. Short-stay supported living for mental health is often required for those experiencing some form of crisis, this could be an experience of delusions or suicidal thoughts. In these cases, service users are provided short term support with their mental health illness by a team of experienced professional care workers working in line with positive behaviour support at all times. 

Our Supported Living For Mental Health 

Here at Time 4 U Ltd, our team of professional experts have years of experience in providing supported living for mental health, ensuring all services are in line with the standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission 2008. As with all of our specialist care services, our supported living for mental health is provided in line with our commitment to positive behaviour support (PBS). This person centered approach ensures that behaviours are listened to and understood in order to construct a care plan that is tailored to the individual. We believe that acknowledging and respecting the way in which an individual responds to certain cues and behaviours helps to deliver a more successful care service for the long term. For many years we have worked closely with vulnerable adults presenting mental health illnesses and challenging behaviours, and are well versed in providing support to individuals with a range of mental health needs, especially young adults. We work closely with other health and education services, as well as agencies such as Local Authority Early Help services and Youth Offending Services to provide the best possible supported living for mental health to our service users. At Time 4 U Ltd we offer supported living for mental health across  Kent, London and Berkshire, each of which offer services in line with the fundamental aspects of positive behaviour support (PBS). If you would like to learn more about our supported living for mental health services, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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